How to Put On Spearfishing Wetsuit

It may come as a bit of a surprise when you get your first shiny new spearfishing wetsuits, but when you step closer and pay attention on the wetsuit, it seems like the manufacturer forgot to put the lining in. Because of the design, the spearfishing wetsuit keep you very warm and comfortable even compared to the most expensive surfing wetsuits, it comes with top include a hood and trousers with shoulder strap like a long john style and also with a beaver tail. Its kind of single lined wetsuit, i.e. the inside is open celled neoprene (called raw neoprene), the outer side is laminated with fabric or smooth skin, this design allows the entire interior of the spearfishing wetsuit to act as a whole body seal, which can stop cold water in. We always heard people say that the wetsuits should be “wet suit” meant to let water in, and because in this way the water to keeps your body heat. Correction here, neoprene keeps you warm, instead of the water inside, and if the thin layer of water happens to be there, the less of the water sloshes around the suit, the warmer you will be.

The secrets to put on the spearfishing wetsuit easily!!

Putting on an open cell spearfishing wetsuit would be close to impossible without lubrication, it will be coated over the exposed open cell neoprene which is interior of the wetsuit. The solution do helps your body slip the wetsuit without rubbing off your body hair or damaging the wetsuit. Therere some way to make a lube effect to make it easy to put on the spearfishing wetsuit.

1) Soapy water-Some hunters believe soap can put off the fish! So don‘t put too much soap in the spearfishing wetsuit, it will be no problem with the fish.

2) Hair conditioner mixed with water in a spray bottle works too. 

Where should i put spray the solution?

You can slip/slide into the arms and legs or on bodies to ensure good coverage, but we don’t recommend this way for a cold weather, because it will be a short term challenge if there’s a cold wind blowing; Or spray it into the suit If you dont want to get yourself wet.

Warmly Remind: You can make your soap mix hot water, and keep it warm by using a thermal bottle (those bottle with alluminium inside and thereaded cork) to avoid the sensation of a cold and wet suit on your dry and warm skin. on a cold day then a thermos of warm water will be your best friend.

3) Put a shopping plastic bag on your foot before sliding the feet into your spearfishing wetsuit, you need to remove the bag after your foot is through the wetsuit leg, and repeat the action with the hands. Obviously, the shopping plastic bag helps the body to slide into the wetsuit easily

4) And if by chance you forget the soapy water at home, simply immerse the whole wetsuit in the sea water and put on quickly!!! Not as comfortable or as warm as the warm soapy water, but works better than trying to put on a dry open cell!

The Steps of how to put on your spearfishing wetsuit.

Step 1

Before we start to do anything you would need to get as naked as possible. The less you wear the more comfortable you will be. For those who don’t want to go all the way, then we are in bikini. ITs easy for you to have an idea of which way is front and which way is back as there should have a knees pads or pre-bend in the knees. Turn the spearfishing wetsuit completely inside out, and put one foot through the ankle of the reversed suit, start by pulling the knees on one at a time, grab big chunks of ankles by fingers, be careful of your fingertips, as you will not be happy to see fingernails make holes in the spearfishing wetsuit, roll the suit up your leg slowly, and repeat with the other leg, pull the pants all the way up to the shoulders if theres the shoulder strap (long john style), and ensure a snug fit.

Step 2

Now its time to put the top on. This is the hard bit. Be sure to take any watches off and pay close attention against pinching the material with fingernails. Start by putting one arm in, grab it inch by inch, before you move it up beyond your elbow, getting your hand be cleared of the wrist hole. Get the other hand and lower arm through the other sleeve before go any further than your bicep. Now you need to duck your head into the void and get it through the head hole/head hood. You need to start pulling it down and get your face free once your head is halfway, Pull it down carefully until it fits properly like a second skin, the last but not least, fasten the beaver tail from back to the front fasteners.

Hopefully that helps! You will do it in seconds rather than minutes time by time.

The next post will be about taking spearfishing wetsuits off!